Synchronicity & Abduction

Sometimes a coincidence is too synchronistic to deny a purpose behind it. Pay attention to these events, as they are trying to teach us something.

This week, Dennis continues his exploration of Richard Dolan’s analysis and David Jacob’s research into the abduction phenomenon. During preparation for the show, Dennis had an incredibly unique synchronistic event that connects his experiences, thoughts, and a random book sitting in his office. How is it that such strong coincidences occur? Are they just random events that happen to connect? Or is there an intelligent purpose behind them? The chances of these events happening the way they did are incredibly remote, we have to consider the possibility that there is something else at work here, and therefore should pay attention to it.

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Tom DeLonge, UFOs, & Antarctica

David Jacobs & Abductions

Richard Dolan recently interviewed David Jacobs about his research into the abduction experience. This show follows up a previous show, Hybrids, AI, & Resistance and explores it in greater detail. In his interview with Dolan, Jacobs seems to draw a line in the sand in several spots based on his belief from the data he’s obtained. He doesn’t think this abduction phenomenon goes back into ancient history. He also believes this experience is for the purposes of taking over the planet. Without discounting Jacobs’ conclusions as possibilities, Dennis offers alternate possibilities in an analysis of these events, including the possibility that these beings represent aspects of a simulated reality that may be designed to serve human consciousness. This may be evidenced by the spiritual-based encounters of shamans and out-of-body travelers who report a change in the “abduction” experience once they are able to shift their own focus and control their fear. This was explored in greater detail in OOBE Fear Tests & Spirit Guides with Shelley on a recent podcast. Lastly, Dennis follows the synchronistic event mentioned above to explore the significance of reports where women are often asked to breast-feed hybrid babies during an abduction experience. Dennis connects this to a possible energetic transfer via the human electromagnetic heart field, and also reviews research of the importance and benefit of skin-to-skin contact between mothers and newborns.

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