OOBE Fear Tests & Spirit Guides with Shelley

We all travel out of body while we sleep. When we start to become conscious of it, we are tested through fear. In order to progress, we must face that fear and move past it.

Over the past 2 weeks, Dennis has had some spiritual encounters while he was sleeping. In this podcast, he discusses his experiences with his guest, Shelley (The Astral Projection Avatar). Dennis shares his recent out-of-body experience and the visitors that may have been present. Shelley offers her insight and experience and stresses the importance of facing those fears. In facing our fears, it will free us from the binding hold they have on us and allow us to explore this incredible universe we exist within.

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Spirit Guides

Shelley shares her encounters and experiences with spirit guides during her journeys out of her body. She explains how sometimes her guides gently help her out of her physical body and other times, guides take her to places she requests to visit. They have been her teachers and support during her course of learning. Shelley also shares some of her encounters with darker, scarier entities and provides valuable advice on how to address them if you encounter them while exploring.

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