HAARP & The Dark Side of the Moon

There is an advanced technology that has permeated our society. It has infected everything, and may be targeting our thoughts and feelings…

China has landed on the dark side of the moon! It seems that the new space-race is in full effect. Is this a pre-cursor to the suggested War in Space? Why now, 40 years after the Apollo missions ended, are we finally seeing an interest in landing on the Moon again? In conspiracy circles, it has been rumored that there are ancient structures on the Moon, and possibly an advanced civilization residing within. Numerous photo anomalies have surfaced lending credibility to the possibility that there is something on the Moon, and that something has been doctored on the photos by the releasing authority. We have Ingo Swann’s book, Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy. In his book, Swann uses remote viewing and identifies a civilization living on the Moon. Last month, the Farsight Institute targeted a structure on the Moon and gathered data stating that there is-in-fact a structure on the Moon that was made by an older, advanced civilization. Farsight also just announced February 2019’s upcoming Mysteries Project where they targeted the final Apollo missions. Dr. Courtney Brown states that during those missions, based on the data they recovered, the US Military was going to the Moon to recover ET craft and technology. In this podcast, Dennis explores the connections this may have to the Secret Space Program and Roswell.

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HAARP - AI? ET? Weather? Mind-Control???

The Farsight released January 2019’s TimeCross project where 3 viewers targeted HAARP. The data is complex and fascinating. In this podcast, Dennis explores the data obtained and makes comparisons to his interview with Ed Riordan on Remote Viewing Qanon. The data released in this month’s project suggests that HAARP is launching electromagnetic signals into the atmosphere to possible 1. Protect us; 2. “Hunt” Us, and/or 3. Collect information about “everything.” Is HAARP connected to ET technology? Is it searching for ET technology? Is it impacting human consciousness? As wild as these questions seem, we need to remember that the existence of UFOs has already been officially acknowledged by the US Government and mainstream media. Is it really that far-fetched to speculate that there is technology on this planet either connected to, or designed to counter against UFO technology and the civilization the pilots them?

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