Hybrids, AI, & Resistance

They may be walking among us, preparing for an unknown event that could impact our entire way of life...

This week, Dennis starts off the podcast with some personal accounts regarding a recent reiki experience. He notes how through practice, his perceptions are becoming clearer for the people he's working with. Dennis then discusses the power and resiliency of the human spirit - no matter how bad a situation may seem, people are capable of finding ways the thrive and be happy even during the most difficult times.

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Hybrids & AI

Richard Dolan recently posted a YouTube video regarding abductee accounts of the alien hybrid program. Over the past several decades, thousands of people, if not more, have reported abduction accounts with what they believed to be extraterrestrial beings. Many of these abductees have reported being a part of what is referred to as the hybrid program - a mixing of human and ET DNA to produce a mix of the two species. Reports state that during an abduction, people are tasked with training these hybrids with basic functioning tasks - how to operate household appliances, how to cook, etc... Some suspect that this may be building towards an event where these beings will be integrated into our society? Buy why? Some believe ETs are here to help us ascend to a higher level of spirituality. Some believe they are here to exploit us as a commodity. And others suspect they may be something completely different altogether. Dennis explores several of these threads, and references Dolans (and Dennis's) research into the AI connection to these events.

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