Tom DeLonge, UFOs, & Antarctica

"...except this time, when they come to wipe us out like the other ones, we are actually ready for them. And that readiness is another example why things have been kept quiet for so long and have been a strange international partnership, indeed." ~ Tom DeLonge

This week, Dennis reviews an interview between George Knapp and Tom DeLonge regarding the UFO presence. They paint a grim picture of these operators, and at one point Knapp asks the question, "Are we ready for the full story, if we humans are an agricultural product? Are we ready for that?" DeLonge goes onto explain that his advisors have told him the ancient myths and religious stories hold truths in that an advanced race has been manipulating mankind for a long time, and does not like us. DeLonge explains they are responsible for the destruction of many lost societies, to include the Maya and inhabitants of Easter Island. Lastly, however, DeLonge defends the secrecy and cover up and explains that those with knowledge of these hostile ETs have been developing technology to defend mankind from them when they attack again. However, as Dennis points out, there are contradictory statements in DeLong's explanation that warrant further analysis and detail.

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Remote Viewing Antarctica

In addition, Dr. Courtney Brown and his team at the Farsight Institute released this month's Mini-Mystery project. Their target: The UFO Crash in Antarctica. 4 separate viewers were tasked with this target, and all were blind to what the target was until after their sessions. All 4 viewers reported similar results: A long time ago, an ET ship was flying over Antarctica and was shot down. The technology is far-more advanced than our current tech today, and there are currently operations underway to excavate and learn about this machine.

As covered in multiple previous podcasts, this data does support some of the claims of David Wilcock regarding the discoveries of advanced tech in Antarctica. Are we about to witness the disclosure event that will re-write human history? How will this impact our understanding of who we are and how we relate to this universe?

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