UFO Evidence & Supernatural Defense

Instead of fighting back, we stand to benefit ourselves and protect our way of life by understanding the problem, bettering ourselves, and spreading love's influence.

In October of 2017, an unidentified object passed through our solar system. What's interesting, is that during the objects trip through our neighborhood, it mysteriously increased its speed, changed trajectory, and slingshotted around the Sun and then left the solar system. In a recent study completed by Harvard Scientists, they concluded that the object may have been an alien craft - or an Extraterrestrial solar sail. Was this object remnants of an ancient alien civilization? Was it piloted by beings searching for life in our solar system? If so, are they planning on coming back?

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Supernatural Defense

There are many forces in our environment that act upon us, often without our knowledge. As we often explore on The Seiker Podcast, some of those forces may be intelligently directed to influence and manipulate mankind. Our current society often seems like it is designed to oppress us, divide us, and keep us down. In this podcast, Dennis offers suggestions on what we can do if we truly exist in a "worst-case" dystopian scenario. If we are created to suffer as a crop of existence for a higher intelligence, then by giving into our frustrations and reacting with anger and violence, we are serving a system designed to create more suffering. However, if we can find a way to feel and share love in the face of extreme hardship, then we are committing the greatest act of rebellion possible in a system designed to promote suffering. In doing so, we may be changing our own vibration and increasing our happiness in the process.

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In the News

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