Bob Lazar & Structures on the Moon

We are living in a time where conspiracy theories are being prove to be true. The work of science fiction is manifesting in front of us. Are we prepared to process some of these magnificently significant disclosures?

This month, the FarSight Institute released December’s TimeCross remote viewing project. Their target was to view structures on the moon. The data that came back was absolutely incredible!!! 3 separate viewers, totally blind to what the target was, all reported the same thing and confirmed there are structures on the moon! Such a statement is extreme and easy to dismiss, unless you are familiar with the history of remote viewing and the validity such data holds. How does this possibility impact us? What changes with the information that an advanced civilization once existed on the moon? In this podcast, Dennis explores many of these questions and their implications.

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Bob Lazar

Bob Lazar is widely known throughout the UFO community. In 1989 he was the one who came out claiming he had worked on extraterrestrial craft at S4, which was part of Area 51. For the past 30 years, he has remained relatively silent, despite the harsh criticism and debunking efforts made against his claims. On December 3, 2018, Independent film maker Jeremy Corbell released a new documentary diving deep into the details on Bob Lazar. The film lends much more credibility to Lazars story, which strongly suggests that he was telling the truth. If this holds true, we need to imagine the implications of this confirmation. In 1989, the government was working to back-engineer alien spacecraft and have had them in their possession ever since… What don’t we know? What technology is being withheld?

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