Free Speech & UFOs with Ray Davis

"The best way to protect free speech is with more free speech." - Ray Davis

"The UFO Conversation has moved from fringe to mainstream." Luis Elizondo

Alex Jones has been taken off of a variety of social platforms from YouTube, to Facebook and Twitter. Not a big deal? Maybe you disagree with his loud rants and obnoxious antics. Maybe you disagree with his political viewpoints. Maybe you just don't like the man. But does that mean he doesn't have the right to express himself freely?

This week, Author and 6 Sense Media co-founder Ray Davis discusses the takedown of Jones, and explains that platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are the new town square. They serve as public platforms for exchanging information and even though run by private companies, Ray suggests legislation should be enacted to protect free speech in these arenas. Otherwise, we may be next in the sites of the corporate-governmental establishment...

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Elizondo Speaks to MUFON

During a recent MUFON event, former Pentagon Aerial Threat Identification Program (ATIP) counterintelligence officer Luis Elizondo gave a presentation explaining the ATIPs mission and history. He explained some of the challenges the program faced within the government, to include opposition to their data collected because of the religious beliefs of government employees.

Elizondo also entertained questions from the MUFON audience, while telling them he was "confident and optimistic that in the next year we are going to be having a fundamentally different conversation than we are today." Elizondo advised that they "needed" MUFON because the DoD can't engage the public, but MUFON can. Is he giving clues as to a possible direction the disclosure efforts will take?

A physicist in the audience asked Elizondo about what was learned regarding the physics of the UFOs reported during the program's existence. Elizondo explained that they understand how these craft work "at the quantum level." Elizondo stated that their scientists have been able to "bend space time" in the laboratory, and foresees this technology coming to the public within the next 25 years.

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