Soul Retrieval

Sometimes after physical death a soul can become trapped in a confusing reality, unaware they are dead, reliving the last moments of their life or wandering aimlessly. Retrievers and helpers are able to locate these souls, create a connection, and help guide them where they need to go.

Alysia "Laughing Rain" Mcalister is an author and a musician who encompasses a unique talent: she rescues lost souls. In this podcast, Alysia explains her process of soul retrieval, which begins with entering the "out of body" state, or OOBE. She explains that during a soul retrieval, she will work with a lost soul who has crossed over and guide them where they need to go. This process was first described in Robert Monroe's final book, Ultimate Journeywhere he explained his experiences with helping lost souls and the creation of the Lifeline Program through the Monroe Institute where students can receive training and guidance in this process.

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Soul Retrieval

Alysia describes her process of finding and helping lost souls once out of body. She works with her guides or "helpers," who will sometimes lead her or take her to a soul in need that matches her energetic vibration. Alysia then needs to work to find a way to get the souls attention and she shares a few accounts of how she has been able to successfully contact some lost and very confused souls who were having trouble realizing they had died. She has also recently published a book based on her experiences, titles A Booklet of Soul Retrievals, which is available on Amazon. In addition, Alysia reminds us that anybody can learn to do this if we put in the time and focus to improve our natural psychic abilities.

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A Booklet of Soul Retrievals

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