Love, Service, & Space Force

How would you define love? What is the value of service? Why are you searching for answers? What do you plan to do with those answers if you ever find them? Did you know we're building a Space Force?

In this week's Podcast, Dennis leads off with by sharing some thought-provoking commentary by Ray Davis who asks you to complete the sentence "Love is..." Take some time to ponder the question, and you may find a peaceful meditation washing over you.

We also explore the meaning behind our search. Why do we look for answers, and what do we plan to do with those answers?

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Space Force

President Donald Trump recently announced his plans for the creation of a "Space Force." His proposal has caused laughter and mockery among many in the online community. Are people not making the connection between the recent confirmation of the existence of UFOs by the Pentagon via the New York Times and Washington Post? Are they failing to remember the WikiLeaks documents that showed Apollo Astronaught Edgar Mitchell was warning John Podesta about the weaponization of space? Why has this proposal become more of a joke than an exciting reality?

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Many have laughed at Trumps call for a Space Force. But the reality is that this has been in the world through covert channels for quite some time. It's not a coincidence that the government finally acknowledged the existence of UFOs this past November and is now calling for the creation of a space-based military.

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