What We Lost By Banning Alex Jones

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.


So few people today understand the wisdom of this Aristotle quote. An educated mind entertains a wide range of ideas to find truth. It's a must, if you are to find it. Today most people cling tightly to dogmatic and absolutist views of the world, afraid they'll be poisoned by considering ideas of those who disagree with them.

We are now a week past the banning of Alex Jones on most major social media platforms. Many of his haters remain jubilant that he has been silenced to such a degree. On top of the principle of free speech that I've written about many times here, something more has been lost here. We need voices that challenge power, challenge the status quo, and challenge our paradigms. Voices that push the boundaries are always going to be controversial. Why are we so afraid of that?

I remember back when the Harry Potter books were stirring so much consternation among some Christian groups. Most of the people clamoring to ban them had never cracked one of J.K. Rowling's books. They relied on talking heads in their community to tell them that these books were evil. I think something similar can be said about Alex Jones.

The overwhelming majority of his haters have never listened to his show or listened to it long enough to understand his message. They've relied on generalized impressions supported by talking heads within their political sphere who also know next to nothing about his overall message.

I don't defend Alex Jones' tactics. I find them over the top and too focused on anger. It's why I went from a regular listener to a rare listener in recent years. However, for more than a decade I listened to him very regularly and so I believe I'm far more qualified to evaluate who he is and what his message is than talking heads and people who listen to them.

First, a little something about my philosophy. I have always and continue to listen to voices across the political spectrum rather than the single-point-of-view messages of one outlet or perspective. This helps me to triangulate truth. For many years, Alex Jones was part of that diet.

Why? I didn't listen to Alex Jones and buy everything that flowed from his mouth. I listened to him for information I was not hearing in mainstream news sources. Many times he spoke of issues - often important issues - YEARS BEFORE the mainstream media touched them. While he wasn't always right, he often was.

I literally found him on September 11, 2001. The moment those events happened, my BS meter went sky-high. That afternoon I set out in search of someone who shared my skepticism of what was being presented in the mainstream media. I found that in Alex Jones. Later I discovered that not only was he doubting the mainstream narrative about that day, but he'd actually been predicting such an event on his show for two months prior to it happening.

This rolled into the Patriot Act and the Iraq War, both of which Alex Jones was way ahead of the mainstream media in detailing and opposing. Both of which were sold to us by mainstream media and both of which turned into disasters for our country.

He was talking about the fraud and lack of security in our election systems in 2005, eleven years before the mainstream media cared. He was talking about Monsanto and how the cancer-causing agents in their products more than a decade ago. The mainstream media called him crazy. This past week a cancer-ridden man won a $289 million award from Monsanto

Alex Jones was the first person to talk about Thimerisol (a Mercury derivative) in vaccines. The mainstream media and medical science still debates the danger on this, but many parents and some doctors have taken this concern seriously.

He was one of the first people raising the red flags on implantable RFID chips when the Bush administration was out trying to sell this to the American people. False flags are a known concept today largely because of Alex Jones...and be certain governments have and are using false flags to sell us more war and conflict in the world.

The list of beneficial information be brought to the table for his listeners, well ahead of the curve, was voluminous. Time and again, I saw things that were "Alex Jones conspiracy theories" become mainstream news way too late.

Am I defending everything Alex Jones says? No. As I mentioned, I've stopped listening regularly because I think his message gets to0 angry and too negative sometimes. Has he been wrong on some things? Absolutely. So is every other news outlet. Do I think he went too far with the Sandy Hook claims? Yes. Clearly, the event happened. 

Here's the thing. Alex Jones is not the evil many of his opponents have created him to be in their minds. He's a man passionate about freedom, personal liberty, government transparency, an end to wars on lies, and truth in a world where we don't get a lot of that. He has his flaws and he's easy to parody, but he's done a lot of good things. He's awoken many people to the fact that the mainstream news is often slow, misleading, and spin-masters on information important to all of us. Why? Because like our political class, they're beholden to the corporations that sign their checks.

We need independent voices like Jones. To get them, we take the bad with the good. The way forward is not censorship and silencing of voices. The way forward is to demand more transparency in media and government. That's what Alex Jones has been a tireless advocate of. His methods and his personal politics may offend some, but I'll take someone with flaws that challenges the status quo versus talking heads who make $30 million a year to sell you the Military Industrial Complex line in major newspapers and on major cable news networks.

I call on these social media giants to stop playing censor and to stop being brow-beaten by the political class to play censor for them. Do the right thing and restore Alex Jones. You've turned him into a martyr to his true believers and proven that you are what he has argued you are.

See the truth. Be the truth.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media