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We exist in a reality that has multiple dimensional layers. These layers are accessible to us and offer ample opportunities for experience and learning - we only need to find the courage and focus to start exploring...

This week, Dennis had an opportunity to interview Shelley. Shelley is an experienced traveler in out of body states. In this podcast, Shelley walks us through how she leaves her physical body and enters both the etheric and astral planes regularly. She explains that these experiences are more common than we realize, and everybody most-likely explores these realms while sleeping. Here experiences lend evidence to the possibility that our physical reality only represents a fraction of what is not only out in this universe, but also what is accessible to us.

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Avatars & Consciousness

Shelley shares a fascinating story about her journey's outside of the physical body. However, on several occasions, Shelley has found herself awake in a physical body that was not her own. The new reality holds the same physical rules of physics and sensations that we experience in this reality, but she is in a different body! Shelley explains her explorations in these other bodies and shares the possible significance these experiences can hold for all of us. It is quite possible that many of us have unknowingly slipped into the physical bodies of others. Furthermore, the possibility exists that other aspects of consciousness have influenced our own physical bodies. Are these separate and unique conscious entities? Or are we simply interacting with other fragments of our greater selves?

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