Who Is the Atlantic Council?

Facebook, under pressure from lawmakers to crack down on "election propaganda," earlier this summer announced it was partnering with the Atlantic Council. The goal, according to the linked article, was "to combat election-related propaganda and misinformation from proliferating on its service." The partnership came to the surface again two weeks ago when Facebook, along with other social media giants, banned Alex Jones from its platform.

Well, you do have to give Facebook credit for one thing. If their goal is to recognize propaganda and misinformation, it's unlikely they could find a partner more full of people who have made careers out of creating it. Touting itself as a Washington D.C. based think tank, the Atlantic Council is a Who's Who of the bipartisan military and intelligence names who brought us disastrous US foreign policy after disastrous US foreign policy for decades.

These are the folks who brought us the War on Terror and all the lovely domestic freedom grabs that followed. They have brought us the serial regime change product line where we always have another enemy in the form of some foreign leader we need to take down. And their latest big project? Well, these are the bipartisan folks who have had a role in building a US foreign policy for 20 years of isolation and encirclement of Russia, I contend as a way to manufacture a new Cold War. Oh, think of the joy that could bring to new generations of human beings on this planet.

Today these "non-partisan" gurus seeking to protect Facebook and all of us from the Russian menace in our elections tweeted out a new report which is sure to foment more chaos and conflict in the US-Russian relationship - a relationship that could be working for a better more peaceful world, but instead is being used to manufacture generational level mistrust and conflict.


Why would Facebook, that at least publicly, claims to be this progressive platform for a connected world rely on a group like this to decide who should and who shouldn't have freedom of speech on its platform? Could the long-held "conspiracy theory" of many be true? That Facebook is and always was a clever and seductive front for the intelligence agencies to gather data on all of us? Could it be that they have decided now is the time to just flaunt that connection openly, as Facebook and other social media giants censor, demonetize, and harass people who don't tote the company line on, well, you name the topic?

For those answers, you'll have to ask Mark Zuckerberg and his propaganda experts over at the Atlantic Council.

Ray Davis
6 Sense Media