Censorship & Intuition

"We are trusting social media and major corporations to control and filter not only the information we are being fed, but also our access to it. In doing so, we may be ignoring a small, but powerful voice that allows us access to information the Internet cannot provide..."

Facebook recently banned 652 pages, groups, and accounts. Alex Jones had his social medial accounts taken down. In a recent tweet, President Trump stated he'd rather deal with fake news than censorship. When we censor information, we limit people's access to knowledge and perspectives. Censorship may be proclaimed to protect us to offensive, inappropriate, or incorrect information - but it really serves to limit our experience and filter our ability to acquire knowledge, analyze, synthesize, and apply it on our own. Who is doing your thinking? Is it you, or is it the algorithms behind the Internet platforms you frequent?

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What does your Intuition Tell You?

Dennis shares and experience where he was able to use nothing but his intuition to locate his wife in a crowded amusement park. He explains how after he was able to connect with her intuitively, he literally walked right into her! This is something we all have the power to cultivate, and Dennis offers some suggestions on how to improve your intuition. Dennis also explores the potential of intuitive information in response to censorship. It can lead us to information and experiences to help us learn. We can use remote viewing to acquire the facts and make predictions so we can better prepare. Our technology, although a useful tool, can also prove to be our demise if we allow it to silence our intuitive connection to the universe around us.

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