Storming Area 51 & the Digital Future

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With plans to storm Areas 51 on September 20th, we have to wonder what will happen. Although it sounds like this is a joke, some entheusiasts are actually planning to attend. What will be the governments response? Is this connected to disclosure? Are we going to be misled???

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The internet is flooded with talk about the plans to raid one of the (formerly) most-secret bases in the world, Area 51. Known for tales of UFOs and extraterrestrials, a FaceBook group has decided to organize a raid! Could this be a false-flag in the making? How will intelligence agencies capitalize on this event? What can we, the observers, learn from it.

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Our Digital Future

The world is changing. As cryptocurrency comes online, policies, politics, borders, commerce and everything in-between will look drastically different. How soon will it happen? The US claims it will be out of cash by the end of the summer. Are you prepared? US states are required to be Real ID compliant by 2020, meaning each state must meet federal guidelines in order to issue IDs. Otherwise citizens won’t be able to fly or enter federal facilities. According to the Department of Homeland Security, however, they are not compiling a national database and states will determine how this information is utilized and disseminated. However, a recent article revealed that the FBI and ICE are using state databases to compile their own database without our knowledge and facial recognition companies are gathering millions of faces in the creation of multiple databases which are being disseminated around the world. What is really happening here?

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