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In this conversation, Daz Smith explains how the spiritual path of the Jedi is the closest explanation to the connection we have to the universe and the potential that exists within all of us.

Since he was 10 years old, Daz Smith has had a strong interest in psychic phenomenon. From tarot reading to mediumship, Daz has amassed an incredible amount of psychic training. Throughout his life he felt destined and pulled to learn about these abilities and has been led on an incredible journey. In his twenties, Daz received some training in remote viewing, which, according to his website, is “the ability to transcend time and space to gather remote information using more than the normal or known senses.”

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Learning Remote Viewing

We all have the ability to learn remote viewing. It is an ability that exists in every one of us. It does, however, take practice and dedication to learn the craft. Fortunately, Daz has compiled a wealth of information regarding the history, research, and training for remote viewing. Daz is living proof that anyone can learn this skill with hard work and dedication. He wants to make this technique available for anyone interested, which is why he has created the website RemoteViewed.com for anyone interested in learning more. In addition, Daz publishes Eight Martinis, a remote-viewing based magazine, free online. If you like the content, be sure to donate and support what he’s doing.

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