Conflicts in Disclosure

There are questions that aren't being asked, while a story is being crafted to lead the public down a path that cold have dangerous outcomes...

As we continue to explore the recent confirmation by the mainstream media and Defense Department of the existence of UFOs, the story continues to present more unanswered questions. This week, we explore an interview with former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, credited with creating the Aerial Threat Identification Program funded through the Pentagon to investigate UFOs. In addition, Tucker Carlson continued his promotion of the UFO threat in an interview with former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Chris Mellon.

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The History

Harry Reid tells the tale of how he became involved with the UFO investigation. He explains his history of contact with Mr. Bigelow and his aspirations to learn about the phenomenon. What's interesting, is that at the beginning of his interview, Reid states:

"if we’re here to talk about little green men or stuff that you want to look at that was found in New Mexico or something, I’m not interested. If you’re here to talk about science, I’m happy to do that. "

As someone interested in investigating UFOs, it's odd that he would begin his interview by ultimately discrediting the work of Colonel Corso and General Trudeau, both highly decorated members of the military of equal stature to the current members of the "To The Stars Academy." Corso detailed his work with the recovered craft and beings from the 1947 Roswell crash. Corso claimed much of the technology we have today came from that crash. His account directly contradicts some of what is being put out today, mainly that the government isn't taking this seriously and has no idea what these craft are.

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Mellon & The Government

Tucker Carlson and Chris Mellon continued their discussion into the Defense Department's lack of interest in the alleged UFO threat. Mellon, however, did make a good point in explaining that multiple agencies are looking into these sightings, but nobody is communicating their findings, which makes a complete analysis impossible. However, what is not being asked is why. He fails to address the possibility that the government may have knowledge of, and possibly involvement with, these craft. There is more to this story, but Mellon isn't sharing and Tucker isn't asking.

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