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Daz Smith is a remote viewer, a pioneer, and an explorer. In this podcast, Daz shares some of his experiences and data from being tasked blindly to remote view the moon on 3 occasions. The data Daz and others have reported back consistently completely changes our history - and lets us know that WE ARE NOT ALONE…

Daz Smith is a remote viewer with a wealth of experience. Having been tasked to remote view the moon, Daz presents a data-set that contradicts a lot of what we’ve been told about our civilization. All of Daz’s sessions have been blind, meaning he knew nothing about the target other than a random set of target coordinate numbers. In the podcast, Daz shares data from a structure he was tasked to view on the moon - and goes into detail describing what sounds like a very old cigar-shaped craft.

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Remote Viewing Data

Remote viewing is not easy - it requires training, organization, and a strict adherence to protocols and structure. However, it is something anybody can learn to do. Daz has honed his skillset so well that he serves as an example to what is possible. Given his proven track record for verifiable targets, the data Daz presents on the moon target is something to be taken seriously. What implications does this have for society? What does the discovery of this craft say about humanity, our history, and our place in the solar system? In the age of #fakenews, remote viewing can prove to be one of the most valuable tools to gather information.

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