Food for the Archons

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We have an ability to send and receive information via psychic means. But we are unaware of this ability, and therefore humanity is being manipulated by an unseen parasite…

I Am Human, Food for the Archons: Humanities Psychic Connection, Parallel Worlds, Simulated Realities, and the Manipulation of Mankind is not your average book. It is the most recent project completed by former intelligence soldier and police officer turned teacher, author Dennis Nappi II set his sites on finding the truth about humanity. In sharing his personal experiences, supported heavily by research, Dennis walks us through the final moments he spent with his father before he passed, detailing the psychic download he received during that difficult time.

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Psychic Communication

In this podcast, Dennis shares an excerpt from his book as he reveals the never-before-seen first chapter. In it, he discusses a mysterious encounter with a man in a bookstore. Did this man really pursue Dennis and try to siphon his energy? Were they really having a psychic conversation? Or was all of this simply a figment of his imagination? This chapter starts an incredible journey of discovery and revelation that we are not who we think we are…

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Food for the Archons explores the potential of human consciousness to access information beyond the 5-senses via an electromagnetic field generated by the human heart. It is through our ignorance of this field, however, that mankind's thoughts, behaviors, and emotions are being heavily influenced and manipulated.We live in a simulated reality that exists within multiple layers of simulationsWe are all connected to this universe via an electromagnetic field that allows for psychic communication, healing, and the acquisition of knowledge. Due to our ignorance of this connection, we are being manipulated through this field to produce suffering, which serves as a source of energetic nourishment for an unseen parasite. Knowledge of this field and our connection to it can lead us to liberation and a reduction of suffering on this planet.

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