I Am HUMAN, Food for the Archons:

Humanities Psychic Connection, Simulated Realities, Parallel Worlds, and the Manipulation of Mankind


This book explores the potential of human consciousness and our ability to access information beyond the 5-senses via an electromagnetic field generated by the heart. Due to our ignorance of this field, we are being manipulated through it to influence our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions…

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Get your Copy Today!

Through research, experience, and intuition, the author explores the following:

  1. We live in a simulated reality that exists within multiple layers of simulations

  2. We are all connected to this universe via an electromagnetic field that allows for psychic communication.

  3. Due to our ignorance of this connection, we are being manipulated through this field to produce suffering, which serves as a source of energetic nourishment for an unseen parasite.

  4. Knowledge of this field and our connection to it can lead us to liberation and a reduction of suffering on this planet.