Phil Corso Jr - UFOs, Secret Government & the Matrix

New Interview as of January 22, 2019! Roswell evidence, non-human beings, time travel, the matrix and so much more. Phil Corso Jr. shares in his father’s legacy as he brings forth new information.

After several years removed from the public spotlight, Phil Corso Jr., son of the late Lieutenant Colonel Philip J. Corso (author of the best selling bookThe Day After Roswell), has broken his silence with new information and perspectives. Phil Jr. talks of his fathers military service and experiences with Roswell. He shares discussions he had with his father that were not mentioned in the book as he describes LtC Corso’s experience with “alien” bodies and technology. Phil explains the 5-levels of control on this world and gives insight into his father’s workings with various levels of governments and secret governments.

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Time Travel & The Matrix

Phil Jr. then goes onto discuss his father’s experiences with remote viewing and working with Hal Puthoff and a wide variety of other psychic experiences both LtC Corso and Phil Jr. have shared. Phil Jr. discusses the possibility of time-travel and the military’s difficulty with it. He discusses alternate timelines and the manipulation of time by these other non-human intelligences. He share’s some of his experiences with traveling through consciousness, similar to our discussion with Shelley, the Astral Projection Avatar. Lastly, Phil Jr. tells us what his father told him regarding a message a non-human delivered about why they are here. This show is packed full of information that goes far beyond the Roswell crash and reminds us that there is so much more to this complex reality than we realize. Furthermore, it shows us that we are all capable of so much more than we realize.

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The Day After Roswell Audiobook by Philip J. Corso

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Click Here - Free eBook!

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