Remote Viewing QAnon - With Edward Riordan

"It seems as if they are trying to create another universe..." - Edward Riordan

In a follow up to last weeks podcast exploring the Singularity Threat, this week Edward Riordan joins the show and shares part of his journey through remote viewing and his recent exploration of the target QAnon. Riordan is trained in controlled remote viewing (CRV) and has over 200 YouTube videos available to anyone interested in watching or learning the process. Some of his targets include anomalies on the moon, the Baltic Sea anomaly, Stephen Hawkins, and IBMs 12 Atom Memory Cell. His sessions are done blind - meaning he has no idea what the target will be. He is simply asked if he wants to view a target, and is then given a set of coordinate numbers. Riordan then goes to work connecting with the target and reporting his findings and experiences. Riordan shares his sessions via video, which he proudly and appropriately refers to as his art, on YouTube, for others to watch and learn.

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Remote Viewing QAnon

Riordan was tasked to view QAnon in July of 2018. Q, who claims to be a government insider, has leaked information alluding to the take-down of the "cabal" in power within the US government and around the world. In reviewing this target, Riordan stressed to take his data with a "grain of salt," because it is an unverifiable target. Remote viewing data should be used not as the end-all-be-all, but as a piece of data in a larger exploration or investigation into a particular target. What's interesting, is that after completing the session, Riordan started encountering anomalies that lend credibility that at least some of his data collected may be accurate.

Riordan explained that he observed an organization experiencing a disagreement over something. He also viewed a group of people who were working on something they felt was incredibly important for the future. These people, Riordan describes, were living as if they were already in the future. Riordan observed the development of what seemed to be a "nanotech gel," and an advanced AI. He perceived satellites controlled and programmed by this AI, and at what he referred to as the "event horizon," a single event changed all of humanity. He perceived an energy wave coming out of the satellites and impacting peoples minds - changing them. Riordan explains that this AI was able to scan someone's body, find whatever problems were plaguing their minds, and solve them. It was a way to solve all problems. Riordan then states, however, that as wonderful as this may sound, such a technology terrifies him. In this podcast, Riordan and Dennis analyze some of this data and compare it with verifiable facts. They even explore one of Riordan's anomalies where, during a session he thought he was writing the word infinity, but instead wrote the word Ifinity. He initially assumed it to be a spelling mistake, but then was advised by one of his viewers that Ifinity is a company that builds smart cities, specializing in AI. Does this connection imply that he is onto something? Or is it simply a random coincidence? If Riordan's data is accurate, there may be major changes coming for humanity in the near future that affect our very consciousness and humanity itself...

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