The Future is Upon Us - with Edward Riordan

“The future is gonna get us all. It is here, upon us now…” ~Edward Riordan

Remote viewer Edward Riordan came back on the show this week and dove deep into some of the data he’s been gathering. Edward is a member of the CryptoViewing team with well-known viewers Dick Allgire, Daz Smith, and Rock Arckie. Together, the team is looking into the future and bringing back data that can hopefully help us navigate the challenges coming. And according to Edwards data, we are facing some significant challenges over the upcoming years.

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The Earth’s Core - Consciousness

Edward was recently tasked to view the Earth’s Core. During his sessions, he connected with an intelligent consciousness. The Earth is conscious, and Edward perceived it is gathering data about everything it can, creating what Edward suspects is or is similar to the Akashic Records. It begs to question - “what is our role on this planet?” We have to wonder if the Earth is happy with humanities impact on the planet.

The Future

Edward has been gathering some incredible data, which is available to review on YouTube. Over several targets and multiple sessions, Edward has perceived events that seem to be not only tying together in a logical sequence, but starting to manifest in the mainstream. In a video titled My Ominous Feeling, Edward explored data of a bizarre synthetic - yet biological object that seemed to have the ability to affect people through it’s tiny fibrous growth. It seemed eerily similar to Morgellons Disease, and Edwards data suggests it was manufactured. A few months back, Edward was tasked to remote view Q’Anon, and he uncovered an organization that was working to ultimately create an AI that was self-aware connected through satellites that would send a signal throughout the world and instantly change the consciousness of everyone on the planet, possibly merging their minds with the AI. Data suggested there was nanotechnology in place that would facilitate the event. With the recent announcement by DARPA to create an All-Seeing AI that monitors the entire world, Edward saw this as an indicator that the data he obtained was beginning to unfold. With this information regarding DARPA, Edward suspects this gives us a time-period of 3-4 years before this unfolds. When reviewing this data, it’s hard to ignore the similarities to the creation of SkyNet. What’s scary is that corroborating data is being released through a variety of credible sources giving credibility to the remote-viewing data obtained by Edward.

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In the News

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