Pole Shift & AI - Soon???

The world’s creation myths talk of massive destruction. Science is now talking of significant climate change. We seem to be stuck in a cycle of destruction, and evidence is growing that the time may be among us…

Ben Davidson of Suspicious0bservers.org has been making amazing advancements in predicting weather, earthquakes and earth changes by studying electromagnetic activity and interactions between the Earth and the Sun. He has recently been compiling powerful evidence and data supporting the possibility of a pending polar shift. The poles are always in motion, but recently they have begun moving rapidly away from each other. Furthermore, he has compiled data that demonstrates the Earth’s magnetic field, which typically weakens by 5% per century is now weakening at a rate of 5% per decade. In a recent broadcast, Ben reviewed the work of Chan Thomas, who wrote The Adam and Eve Story. The story states that throughout the history of Earth, there were multiple highly-advanced societies that rose and fell to cataclysms periodically, the most recent being a part of Noah’s flood. Chan then goes onto explain the mechanisms that triggered the cataclysm and describes what the cataclysms look like via crustal displacement (think about the recent 2012 movie). What’s interesting is that this story was classified by the CIA until 2013, when the declassified portions of it. The remainder of the work is still classified. Why? Is Ben onto something? Are we moving towards a major catastrophe of biblical proportions?

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AI - Weaponizing Everything

We have been tracking the evolution of AI for quite some time on this show. We are now witnessing the birth of a race of machines that was once the work of science fiction. Robotic animals are being created to become autonomous, some of which are being used in the applications of weapons development. Recently, Google is working to create AI software that can create other AI software. Is such an ability something we want to bestow on a new race of intelligent machines - that are also being weaponized? it seems as if we are building towards a precipice between AI development, climate change, and UFO disclosure. Seemingly unrelated on the surface, but the more you dig into them, the more connected they seem to be. Are we witnessing the build-up to major Earth changes?

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