Remote Viewing Pi - with Edward Riordan

Through remote viewing, Edward Riordan has glimpsed aspects of our reality that may shed light onto who we are, our greater purpose, and the existence of a higher power…

Speaking with remote viewer Edward Riordan brings a sense of wonder and awe as he shares the data he has collected through his remote viewing sessions. Edward is an artist and an explorer, who uses his consciousness to access information not readily available to the majority of the untrained population. The complexity and significance of Edwards targets leave us questioning what we’ve been taught about ourselves and our reality, and give us a glimpse into what may lie beyond our physical existence.

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Remote Viewing Pi

For most of us, Pi represents a mathematical constant used in geometry for various calculations involving circles. However, according to the data Edward obtained, Pi represents so much more. His sessions indicate that Pi, either physically or metaphorically, seems to be related to an advanced brain, somehow contained or held captive. There is a connection to what Edward calls the “Sphere Realm,” which represents our physical reality from planets to the cells in our bodies. These physical spheres act as hosts for our consciousness in this existence. What does that tell us about our reality? Are we prisoners held captive in this sphere realm? Are we on a journey of learning that requires hardship in order to foster growth? Is this reality being driven by an aspect of our higher self or are we trapped within the Matrix? In this podcast, Edward shares some insights that help paint a picture of our greater reality and connection to it.

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