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More and more compelling data, from a growing variety of reliable sources, are pointing to a possible imminent catastrophic change to our climate and our planet. What should we do?

This week Dennis reviews the work of Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers. Ben has revolutionized our understanding of the electromagnetic connection between the Sun, Earth, and earthquakes. He has taught us about the coming solar minimum which will have a drastic cooling affect on the planet. And he is now tracking what he calls the cycle of catastrophe.

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Ben Davidson has put together a data-based review of 25 videos explaining the science behind a possible magnetic pole reversal, crustal displacement, the solar minimum, and a solar micro-nova. Ultimately, what Davidson has pieced together through a wide variety of historical and scientific sources paints a picture that shows the scenes from the disaster movie 2012 are not only possible, but have likely happened several times on this planet. It lends credibility to the forgotten history threads - that high societies have risen and fallen to this cycle of disaster. Time may be short, and this warrants our immediate and serious attention. Davidson is not one to spread panic, and neither are we at 6 Sense Media. He believes this is survivable, since our ancestors survived previous catastrophes. However, we need to prepare. We need to prepare our minds and our environments. Time may be running out…

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