Russia Gate is Dead - How'd It Happen and What Are the Consequences?

#RussiaGate finally and mercifully is dead. Now that it is dead, we should do a postmortem on this horrible two years in our history.

The number one thing that we must understand - and this will be hard for many because they were so conditioned for two years - this was never about Donald Trump specifically. He was a target of opportunity that helped sell a narrative the Military Industrial Media Complex intended to sell anyway.

You see, the real goal of the whole #RussiaGate narrative was to generate a new Cold War with Russia. This has been in soft launch since long before Donald Trump ever decided to run for president.

However, President Trump's election provided the perfect storm to help push this narrative forward and hem in his foreign policy from the get-go.

His words during the campaign that maybe we should be more friendly with Russia were a warning shot across the bow of this plan that needed to be stopped.

Drawing on the emotion and shock of Trump's election by many in the establishment of both parties, and particularly the Democratic base, the plan to run this coordinated campaign seemed like a win-win. Perhaps, someone must have hypothesized, we can capitalize on all this emotion and put on the 24/7/365 press to sell our new Cold War and take Trump down in the process.

Mind you, as we covered have covered previously on 6SM, there was election fraud in 2016. However, that blatant election fraud occurred in the Democratic primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders not in the general election as a collusion between Trump and Putin. Those crimes, and they were election crimes, needed to be covered up.

So, what are we left with?

  1. A Military Industrial Complex driving to get away from the flailing War on Terror and back into the more profitable business of big, permanent enemies.

  2. A bi-partisan DC establishment eager to take down this - in their eyes - outsider buffoon.

  3. The Democratic Party leadership and, frankly, the Clinton Campaign needing and alibi and a scapegoat for the election fraud that has been clearly uncovered by all this investigation.

That together with our collective and apparently limitless ability to believe tales spun by a media and an intelligence community that has time and again demonstrated that it's primary function is to sell you the next enemy to keep the Pentagon gravy train going.

That's the real story of how we got RussiaGate. Now, all that's left is to see how the politicians and the media pundits who tried to follow in the steps of Jospeh McCarthy and build their careers on creating a new red scare will pay the price for propagating and dangerous lie that cavalierly toyed with peace on this planet and all of our lives.

They are left to fight for the tatters of their professional dignity and survival. The RussiaGate pushers have done the one thing they least wanted to do - they have helped Donald Trump because they strayed from valid policy criticisms into the realm of ridiculous and unprovable conspiracy theories.

Ray Davis

for 6 Sense Media