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Sometimes we become overburdened with stress and anxiety or challenges that life throws our way. During these times, we may lose our connection to our intuitive senses. How do we reconnect? How do we recover?

This week Dennis reviews some current events regarding a recent Russian journal discussing their psychic warfare. Is it possible to influence and control someone elses mind? If so, what defense do we have against it? Dennis also looks at a recent study showing suicidal thoughts and attempts have doubled since 2007. What is the cause of this? Is it due to immersion in technology and social media? Is there an energetic shift happening? Or something else? What does this mean for our future?

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Psychic Recharging

Dennis shares some of the strategies he has used to cope with hardship. He explains the impact stress has had on him and how he lost his connection to his intuitive senses for a while. Dennis discusses meditation, reiki, and other stress-relief activities that helped him reconnect. What strategies have you tried that work?

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