The Gnostic Gospel of Philip

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The Gnostics had a unique worldview that painted a much different - darker picture of this reality. They wrote of alternate worlds and an angry God that toyed with humanity. Were they correct in their writings?

This week, Dennis reviews some highly relevant current events that explore the quantum reality through a recent experiment that demonstrates alternate realities may-in-fact exist. Dennis then dives into the Gnostic Nag Hammadi Library and reads from the Gospel of Philip - not to preach religion but to try to understand history. These texts were salvaged during a great purge over 1400 years ago. Gnostic monks salvaged these works by storing them in clay jars near Nag Hammadi Egypt. These texts have been unaltered by modern religions and give us a glimpse into some of the knowledge we once thought was lost.

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The Gospel of Philip explores some interesting concepts - with some confusing metaphors! They describe God as a “man-eater,” and suggest mankind may hold a much different role in the universe than we have been led to believe. Dennis explores the philosophical questions of Who are we? Where did we come from? and Why are we here? in this thought-provoking podcast.

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