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What if the greatest secret in our reality is the repression of the true creative power of human conscienceless? What if humanity is being manipulated into believing the “end is near” so the human collective conscious machine can be used to manifest that reality? What if we realized this potential and used it to our benefit?

This week Dennis reviews some of the information covered in previous shows relating to potential future timelines. In looking at the recent disclosure efforts, the development of AI, and the recent remote viewing data provided by Edward Riordan, the future looks to be challenging in the months and years ahead. But we also faced “end times” warnings in the year 2000 and again in 2012. Is it different this time? Is the writing really on the wall? Were previous predictions inaccurate? Or did our knowledge of them change the timeline? If our awareness changed the timeline, can we shift again? As stated in the popular Terminator series, “The future is unwritten. There is no fate but what we make…” Maybe we can change the course, but how?

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Our True Power

The HeartMath institute has shown us the electromagnetic field from the heart and its ability to transmit and received data, and affect those around us. The Maharishi Affect has taught us that 1% of a given population meditating is all that is needed to impact a greater population with peace. Maybe data offers a glimpse of our true power. Is it possible, in the grandest of conspiracies, that the reason the media is so fear-based and the reason Hollywood presents many of the concepts we explore (Ai take over, Alien Invasions, etc), is because those behind the curtain are manipulating our minds and our emotions in order to utilize our creative force to manifest a dystopian society. What if we realized this power and were able to shift our intentions, perceptions and emotions and thereby manifest a shift into a utopian timeline? In this podcast, Dennis offers suggestions on ways we can start to manifest that change today!

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