Questioning Reality

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What is reality? The rabbit hole keeps getting deeper and more complex. Will we ever learn the truth? One thing is for sure - there is so much more!

In this episode, Dennis covers a wide variety of topics exploring our perception of reality. He shares a personal account of a recent hardship and how that trauma peeled back the veil of reality, causing him to question everything. Are we living in a simulation? Are there alternate timelines? Is this all happening in our minds?

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My Reality

Dennis shares an email submitted by a listener in response to a recent podcast regarding a possible pole shift, Pole Shift & AI - Soon? The email was insightful and explored the possibility that we are all experiencing our own unique reality. Within our own specific realities, we are the only conscious one in there. Everyone else is experiencing their own reality, yet sometimes can connect with us from one reality to another. Dennis then reviews statements by Doloris Cannon who spoke of the “backdrop people,” projections within reality that aren’t actually people. They fill a scene, much like the projections from within the subconscious as mentioned in the movie Inception. Do we all have our own unique timelines? Can we jump from one timeline to another and change the future by simply choosing to direct our focus in a particular direction? Dennis explores these questions and more as he travels down the rabbit hole in this episode of The Seiker Podcast.

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