Voice of God Technology

If technology exists to mimic the voice of God, how can we discern from what is real and what is a technological fabrication?

The human body has an electromagnetic component. The electromagnetic aspects of our physical bodies are highly susceptible to influence from external electromagnetic fields. These fields can have a wide range of affects on a person, ranging from health, to psychological and behavioral influences. Furthermore, thought and emotion also carry electromagnetic frequencies which can not only be measured, but also replicated and hacked. Is it really that far of a stretch, given what we know about wireless internet technology, that thoughts, sounds, and emotions can be transmitted via a signal into unsuspecting persons?

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Tech vs Intuition

In this podcast, Dennis reviews some of the reports of Voice of God Technology and the implications it could have as a means of influencing a population. Dennis also reviews some of his own experiences with receiving information via intuition and attempts to explore ways for us to identify whether our intuition is from a benevolent, helpful source, or if it is another product of manipulation via a technological source. Can you trust your intuition? What if it is simply another system of control designed to feel as if it is something beautifully benevolent?

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