The Nanotech Conspiracy - A Trojan Horse?

If nanotechnology made its way into our food system, what impact will this have on the human body, consciousness, and life on earth? What impact will this have it this technology connects to the Internet of Things with influence from AI?

This podcast reviews the recent testimony of former Catholic nun who makes some incredible claims. Sister Keri Burnor explains that she was a non for 14 years, and left the church after suffering sexual abuse from a member of the clergy. Sister Burner claims that certain aspects of the church are secretly being controlled by aspects of the CIA and links them to MK Ultra. Burnor claims that as MK Ultra evolved, they have contaminated the food supply with nanotechnology with the ultimate goal of gaining total control of the world populace. Although in this video little evidence is presented, the claims she makes warrant further investigation as they tie into other significant threads. For example, Elon Musk is actively working through is company, Neuralink, to develop nanotechnology with the intent of ingesting such particles to have them create an interface between the human brain and computer. With nanotechnology being incredibly small, it can easily fit in the food and water supplies for the unsuspecting ingestion by a world populace.

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Elizondo & UFOs/UAPs

On September 4th, 2018, Luis Elizondo released an article via the To the Stars website explaining a little more about why UFOs may pose a national security threat but are also an opportunity for progress. Elizondo gives justification for the governments position on secrecy and assumption that UAPs pose a threat, and acknowledges that UFOs have been discussed within the US government for 70 years. Dennis notes this brings us back to Roswell. Ultimately, the article attempts to justify the secrecy on behalf of the government for reasons of military advantage, political gain, or protection of religious dogmas. But it fails to address the actual needs and rights of citizens to know of these vehicles existence and influence on our lives.

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Tying it all Together

If any of this holds true, what's the connection? Why introduce nanotechnology into the food system? Is it related to the UFO phenomenon? Is it related to the development of AI? According to Colonel Corso's book, The Day After Roswell, he suggested that the crash was possibly intentional with the goal of seeding our planet with computer chip technology. Since the late 50s, according to Corso, our computer technology has exploded because of the chips found in that crashed ship. Is it possible that the UFO crash delivered a trojan horse via the computer technology that would eventually be developed into the current nanotechnology (and advanced AI) we are seeing evolve today for the purpose of infecting our populace with the proper software to allow for the silent infestation by an alien force? As crazy as that sounds, we have to ask ourselves: is it possible?

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