Intuition, UFOs, & The Search for Truth

More information has been leaked from the Pentagon regarding the Nimitz UFO sighting. They are maneuvering at incredible speeds and may also be submerging beneath the surface and demonstrating the ability to remain invisible. 

George Knapp recently released more information he came across regarding what has come to be known as the Nimitz UFO or Tic-Tack UFO incident that occurred in November of 2004 between the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group and several UFOs.

The documents state that craft was approximately 46 feet in length, dropped from 60,000 feet to just 50 feet in a manner of seconds, and may have submerged underwater, invisible to detection. The document states that neither the United States nor any other country in the world has any craft that is capable of these maneuvers. Furthermore, the intelligence officers who took the reports didn't take the incident seriously, and suggested the sightings may have bee a part of the Counter-Drug Program. What are they hiding???

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Intuition & Auras

In addition, Dennis shares two personal accounts from his experiences over the past week. Dennis encountered two people within two days of each other and both had the same exact color aura. One confided that he previously had cancer, which was in remission. Is this an indication that the other person has a similar condition? Lastly, Dennis also talks about a strange encounter with an unknown person he found by following his intuition during an early evening run. What does it mean? We can learn to improve these abilities!

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