Harmonic Burdens of an Empath

Our energetic frequency is in a continual harmonic dance with the energetic frequencies of everyone we meet. Sometimes our energies are harmonious with those around us. Sometimes our energies are in conflict, and sometimes our energies work to seek a balance between us, creating a new frequency entirely.

Have you ever walked into a room and found your mood immediately changes just because of the people in the room? Have you ever met someone and immediately felt as if you've known them your entire life? Have you ever met someone and immediately realize you don't like them? In this podcast, Dennis shares personal accounts and insight into the experience and possible mechanism of empaths - people who are tuned into the emotional frequencies of others.

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Coping with the Energy of Others

Being empathic can be incredibly draining and confusing. We sometimes find ourselves drawn to the aide of other peoples problems. We become immersed in them and find the realization that their problems are now our problems because we take on the emotional burden in order to process, understand, and solve the problem. This can become exhausting and draining, and we can sometimes lose ourselves in the emotions of others. We can find ourselves asking where our emotions end and another person's beings. We can find ourselves asking: "Are these my emotions?" It's important to find ways to cope and ground. It's important to take time to distance yourself. In this podcast, Dennis shares various techniques in coping with these challenges.

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