The Matrix & Reality

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What is this reality? Is it possible we are living in a dream world? If so is that dream a simulation that exists within an AI? The Gnostics wrote about this over 1,400 years ago. What does that suggest about what we think we know???

Descartes said “I think, therefore I am,” as he tried to understand the nature of our reality. He discussed that it in both waking life and the dream state, our senses can often perceive us and therefore we cannot confidently determine that this reality is-in-fact “real.” Ultimately, what Descartes was able to conclude was that because I think (I have consciousness), then I exist. Beyond that, we cannot prove which reality is real.

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Gnostic Aeons

Over 1400 years ago, a jar was buried with tablets containing Gnostic writings. Contained in those scrolls was The Book of Zostrianos. Zostrianos was one of the first truth seekers in recorded history, and he was so frustrated in trying to understand reality that he decided to end his life. In that moment, the Angel of Knowledge appeared to him and offered to show him reality. On his journey, the Angel showed him that it is possible to copy realities and in those realities, our consciousness can copy itself and experience those realities believing those realities are the “real”, base reality. The Aeonic Copies, as they are referred to, serve as learning realities for the fragment of base consciousness. Once the knowledge is achieved, the fragmented consciousness merges back with the base consciousness. Could this account for the “downloads” people report? How can we tell if we are currently in a copy or base reality? According to Descartes, there is no way to tell…

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Descartes: I Think, Therefore I Am

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