Social Engineering, Digital Control, & UFOs

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We are beyond speculation and conspiracies now. The world is changing in front of us. We are in an age of constant surveillance which opens the door for intense social engineering. This platform is also being used to gather intelligence about UFOs…

The world is in the process of switching to a new global, digital-economy that will have impacts felt in almost every aspect of our society. In order to transition to a digital cryptocurrency, the world needs to be connected which means the digital and technical infrastructure is being enhanced and disseminated widely. More people are being “connected” through electronic devices, creating a global entire network machines connected to humans. What does this mean for privacy?

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Electronic devices collect data. The collect a TON of data. That data is being mined at an alarming rate, as discussed on Hacking your Mind. But what is being done with that data? China is using that data as a social credit system, which will determine a persons ability to engage in commerce, travel, work, and even socialize. But China is not alone in their digital authoritarian rulership. Silicon Valley is currently developing a similar system for use in America, and it’s already being rolled out. What’s more concerning, is that many of the citizens will willingly participate in this system, not because they are afraid of being victimized by it, but because they will be rewarded for embracing it. With an ability to earn money (cryptocurrencies) through the system, people will have the motivation they need to support the system, and in the long-run criminalize their fellow citizens without a court of law or due process. In addition, with this infrastructure being put in place, the To The Stars Academy has announced in a recent newsletter that they will be launching a massive data-collection effort to learn more about UFOs. They will be pulling data from governments (globally), weather, aviation experts, law enforcement, and private citizens. They plan to alert people local to an event when a UFO is sighted. Will they then be able to access the devices of people in the area to mine their data for UFO-related secrets? The future is upon us, and is evolving rapidly. Are you ready?

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