Hacking your Mind

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How vulnerable is your mind to manipulation? Chances are, if you are on social media or rely on Google, you may be vulnerable to manipulation on a massive scale.

Netflix recently released a documentary titled The Great Hack. In the film, we are shown the impact Cambridge Analytica had on the American people during the 2016 election and beyond. The film shows us the scope of a massive data mining operation by companies like Cambridge and FaceBook. It shows us that every interaction, click, like, comment, search, quiz, and beyond are cataloged and categorized to give us a digital signature so we can be placed into groups. Large companies then target specific groups in order to manipulate and influence them to perform certain tasks - and in some cases, change the course of nations.

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Weaponized Manipulation

The documentary states that the scale of this manipulation was so large that it was considered weaponized. This weaponized technology was unleashed on the American people and is still in use today. Let that sink in for a moment. In this podcast Dennis discusses the implications of this type of manipulation and the many vulnerabilities we have. As we move towards another election, we can expect an even larger push to influence and manipulate the American people to meet the goals of an unknown agenda. Are you prepared to face such an onslaught of weaponized manipulation?

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