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Technology is evolving at a rapidly increasing rate. The foundation for an entire ecosystem of intelligent machines has been laid, and they have already infiltrated our lives. These machines are learning everything possible about us and our environment. Will this tech takeover serve to benefit or destroy mankind?

Do you have secrets? If so, what steps are you willing to take in order to protect those secrets? If you don’t have secrets, do you value privacy? As technology evolves, it is collecting more data. Whether we have an Alexa in our home or a hot-water heater in the basement, our tech is collecting data to learn about us on a massive scale. What will be done with all of that data? Is it dangerous or will it ultimately benefit us?

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Symbiotic vs Parasitic relationships

Whether we like it or not, technology is here to stay (unless, of course, a solar flare or EMP takes it out!) The role it plays in our lives is becoming more prevalent and we are becoming more dependent. Sure, we can unplug and go “off grid.” But if we choose to do so, how will we be able to interact with society? In this podcast, Dennis reviews the impact of deleting FaceBook, the implications of AI in the medical field, and the future of this growing infrastructure around us. Tech is here and it’s not leaving. We need to decide what type of relationship we want with it, and we need to decide quickly.

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