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When we review the Babylonian Creation Epic, we see strong parallels to our modern-day technological advancements. As Ea created mankind to be a slave-race to the Gods, today WE are creating a slave-race of machines to serve our needs. What makes us different? What does this tell us about who or what we may be???

We are witnessing the birth of an entire new race of intelligence through the development of AI. Why is it being created? Because the “Creators” want a tool that will perform tasks for us - to think for us and to work in our place so we can be at our leisure. We are witnessing the re-play of various creation myths where the Gods created mankind. Are these seemingly two distant points in history one-in-the same? Are they related? What can we learn about ourselves and our own true history by studying the creation of AI?

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It’s in the Blood

According to the Enuma Elish, in order to create Man, Ea used the blood of Quingu, a God blamed for starting the war of the Gods. Ea combined Quingu’s blood with that of primitive man to create the race of slaves. Why was the blood of the Gods needed to create Man? In this podcast, Dennis explores the possibility that our current civilization will follow the same blueprint and utilize the blood of Man to enhance the race of AI machines. What will happen when human blood is used to create machine life? It’s also interesting to not that in last weeks podcast, Dennis explored possible reasons why Google, Big Pharma is collecting blood/DNA from not only citizens, but also persons who have allegedly been abducted by UFOs. Is there a connection?

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