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The President is proposing to create an agency that will monitor citizen’s mental health through the listening devices in our homes like Alexa and Google Home, to identify people moving towards a violent act.

In an attempt to put a stop to America’s gun violence, the President has proposed a new agency that will use AI and tech to spy on people in their homes. The data obtained through devices like Amazon’s Alexa will be analyzed by AI to determine if someone is suffering from a mental-health condition that will lead towards a violent act. How much closer to 1984 are we going to get???

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Kit Green Response

Dr. Kit Green, former CIA employee, has responded to Richard Dolan’s requests for information regarding the authenticity of the recently leaked documents referred to as the “Wilson Memo.” On his website, Dolan shared a very detailed conversation he had with Dr. Green. During that discussion, Green confirms that the leaked emails were authentic! These emails and memos were documents and discussions between Admiral Wilson, former Director of the DIA, and government Scientist Eric Davis, regarding the governments involvement with UFO matters. Admiral Wilson was told secret programs exist, but Admiral Wilson was being denied access to those programs.

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In those documents, Dr. Kit Green mentioned seeing an “alien” autopsy. He said that the autopsy he witnessed was the same as the famous Santilli Alien Autopsy video. Dr. Green confirms that he did send emails making those claims, and at the time of writing them he believed that to be true. Today, however, Dr. Green paints a different, more confusing picture. Dr. Green now believes the video is a fake. He stated that the government will run intelligence operations with the intent to deceive credible people on certain subjects. If this holds true, then why was he deceived? Why are so many being led to believe there was an alien body and an alien autopsy? What is the long game here? What is the end game?

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