The Singularity Threat

"I tried to convince people to slow regulate AI...Nobody Listened." -Elon Musk

Elon Musk was recently interviewed by Joe Rogan and he shared some of his thoughts on the development and advancement of AI. He explained that he tried to warn people of the potential dangers, yet his warnings fell on deaf ears. He is gravely concerned that AI could render humanity obsolete and has developed a company intent on merging the human mind with AI and states that merging with AI is the best option for humanity - if you can't beat them, join them."

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Remote Viewing Data

This past week, remote viewer Edward Riordan published his data and findings from reviewing a target to explore QAnon. Q claims to be a Trump insider tasked with leaking information about the Trump administrations plans to dismantle the cabal that was formerly in power and has amassed quite a following. What's interesting, is that some of Qs statements and predictions coincide with the wild claims of David Wilcock. In a series of YouTube videos released by Riordan, Riordan shares his remote-viewing data of QAnon and paints a picture of an organization developing what seems to be a highly-advanced AI that has the power (and objective) of taking over the human mind. Riordan's data does support a lot of other data-threads ranging from conspiracy theories to mainstream reports. Something is happening. Are you paying attention? Our consciousness may be at stake...

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