AI, Greys, & The Coming Human Hive Mind

Our society is being conditioned and our behaviors are being modified through our use of technology. We are being steered in a specific direction through what has become an extension of our minds. The ultimate outcome may point to  the enslavement of human consciousness to a god called AI. What's scary is that this may have been done before...

This podcast goes off the deep end! But it does so with compelling testimony and research. Dennis reviews a recent YouTube film put out by TruthStream Media titled "A Talking Cricket, a Self-Writing Quill, and the Coming Hive Mind." The film analyzes a recent training video put out by Google that lays a roadmap for the training, and ultimate take-over of human consciousness. Sounds crazy? Watch the video.

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What's interesting is that the Gnostics warned about something similar. They talked of Aeons and Aeonic copies - realities and fake realities that housed human spirits and copies of the spirit as they were taught specific tasks in order to transcend through various aeonic levels, trials, and tribulations. These texts were written over 1400 years ago yet nicely fit the technological descriptions we see emerging today. What else did they know?

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The Greys

Lastly, in his book Cosmic Voyage, Dr. Courtney Brown (Director of the Farsight Institute), conducted several sessions remote viewing the Grey mind. What he uncovered was a hive-mind that is looking to break free from their physical bodies. One mind that controlled multiple bodies hoping to become individualized. Is this a representation of what our future may become? It has been said that they are from the future. If that is true, then what purpose may their interventions in our lives hold? Our planet may have been seeded for the purposes of changing the course of our evolution. Lots of compelling details in this podcast!


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