Life After Death

What happens when we die? Bob Monroe has some fascinating adventures in exploring life after death, and helping those who have crossed over.

What happens when we die? For centuries, just about every culture has held its own beliefs about an afterlife – or lack there of. But what if there was a way we could KNOW that there was something waiting for us? What if we had the ability to know – and not just believe – that we continue after our physical bodies die?

In his final book, Far Journeys, Robert Monroe details his repeated experiences in exploring the afterlife through the techniques he developed at the Monroe Institute. For about 20 years, the Institute has been teaching others to gain this unique and powerful insight into what happens after physical death through their Lifeline program.

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What would you do with such knowledge? How would it change your approach to life? How could it change the world? This is an important topic, deserving of your attention.

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