Thriving in a Changing World

Change is upon us on multiple fronts. From the climate to advances in technology to our economy and currency - the world is in the throws of a drastic change. How do we cope and how can we thrive?

Change can be scary! With change we are faced with unknowns. We are forced to learn something new, find a new way of operating, or suspend beliefs that we held dearly. We are sometimes resistant to change - and for good reason. FEAR! But is resisting change in our best interest? Are we really fighting the system and the coming changes by not engaging with them? Or are we separating ourselves from a system that will be put into place regardless of our engagement with it? As difficult as it may seem, sometimes we need to recognize there are forces beyond us that we simply can’t control. We need to first accept that and then decide how we are going to interact with those forces of change. Are we going to fight against the current, or will we learn to surf?

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A Changing World

In this podcast, Dennis reviews several news stories painting a picture of things currently unfolding. AI is really taking over - with AI computers now holding jobs as bar tenders, retail clerks, and delivery drivers. As this technology expands, more people will lose their jobs. How do we prepare? What new jobs will be created? What new needs will there be for employment? By preparing and training for that now, a career change can be a choice instead of a forced lifestyle change.

Our climate goes through many cycles. With our changing climate may come significant changes to our infrastructure and way of life. This can be intimidating and overwhelming. But with the right training, networking, and motivation, we can learn to adapt to the changes our planet is facing. We may not be able to influence Big Government to stop destroying the planet. But we can learn certain skills that will allow us to continue to thrive in a changing world.

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