Change Your Mindset, Change Your World

Plant medicine has an intelligence behind it - it’s like a software program that can run through our minds and give us the tools we need to overcome our negative self-talk

Are you happy? Are you living your best life? Do you have goals and dreams - and are you working towards them? Or, are you depressed? Do you feel stressed? Afraid? Lost? Hopeless? Do you suffer from anxiety or PTSD? it often seems that there is so much to be afraid of in this world, and those fears fuel anxiety, and that anxiety keep some of us trapped - trapped in our own minds, restricting our outings, activities and experiences. It keeps us captive in a state of fear, sometimes without even realizing it, and as a result we miss out on some of the beauty and potential this life has to offer. But what if there was way to break free? What if we could put a stop to the seemingly endless cycle of negative self-talk and depressive thoughts? What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you be?

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PTSD, Anxiety, and CBD

This week Dennis shares his personal experiences with PTSD and anxiety as a follow-up to the 6SM article posted titled PTSD - My Shame and Regret. Dennis talks of the difficulties he faced after separating from the military - abruptly running out of a bar after his deployment and locking himself in a car during a panic attack. He then shares his recent experiences with CBD oil and the impact it has had on his life in a short time - the freedom it has brought him. Dennis discusses plant medicine and plant intelligence, and shares the new thoughts that now float through his mind and help quiet the negative fear-based thoughts that often prevented him from enjoying life. If you have ever felt limited or constrained by anxiety, depression, or PTSD, this episode offers perspective and hope. We can find happiness and we can make the most of our lives. We deserve that happiness, and finding it is well worth the effort!

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