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This planet - and possibly the entire universe, operates like a machine - a giant clock that repeats itself in multiple cycles, each having a dramatic impact on climate, the economy, and human behavior and culture. Can our knowledge of these cycles help us to better-navigate our lives and avoid disaster?

Gregg Braden recently released a video on YouTube that is incredibly important. In this video, he reviews hard, peer-reviewed data based on ice-core samples that tell an important story regarding climate change and periods of warming. After reviewing 450,000 ice-core layers, the equivalent of 450,000 years, scientists learned that the Earth goes through natural periods of warming and cooling at regular intervals. The data clearly shows that we are supposed to be in a warming period right now. What is more concerning, however, is that the data also shows that following every warming period comes a significant period of cooling. We may be on the brink of moving into a significant change on this planet that will drastically impact all life and our ability to grow food in the very near future.

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Gregg Braden also reviews the research of XXX who found a 66 year cycle of economies. It’s a fascinating breakdown of the evolution and de-evolution of our financial system. Based on these cycles, we may be in story for some significant changes in the very near future. Braden also reviews a cycle of war and shows us that cycle is due to peak again by the year 2020. The wonderful thing about Braden’s presentation, however, is that he reminds us that although we are “living in a time of extremes,” with this knowledge we know we have the potential to engage in warfare, but we also have the opportunity to create peace. He shows us that we are not victims of these cycles, but active participants in it. Maybe this time we will understand how to dance in harmony with these cycles instead of falling victim to the chaos…

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