Coping with Truth

In our search for truth, we often find answers that are difficult to process. How do we find the balance between processing our findings and living a happy and fulfilling life?

As TruthSeikers, most of us have been driven by tremendous desire to understand our existence. We have been plagued by thoughts and experiences that demonstrate to us: "Something isn't right! The world isn't what it seems! Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going?" - Such thoughts can be maddening. The quest can be all-consuming and exhausting. It changes our world-view, impacts our personal relationships, can affect our career choices, change our shopping habits, and send us into a state of despair. So why do we keep questioning? Why do we keep going if this information has the potential to be so depressing? For some of us, it's because we believe there is something good to be found on this journey.

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In this podcast, Dennis shares his recent experience on how he snapped out of a depressive episode he was facing. He details a new, simple routine he is performing each day that seems to have helped him take control of his days. He asks: Are you spending your days reacting to everything, or are you taking charge of your day?

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In the News

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Guided Tony Robbins 10 Minutes Morning Routine

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