Mark Certo - The Triad Mind & Bob Monroe

What's the best way to explore our own consciousness? "Stay Curious." - Mark Certo

Mark Certo, founder of The Triad Mind, shares some of his incredible journey. With a strong interest in sound and music combined with a curiosity and desire to understand the benefits of meditation, Mark found himself in the presence of the late Bob Monroe. Although many look to Monroe as the famed out-of-body-traveller and founder of The Monroe Institute, Mark remembers Bob as "a friend and human being," and speaks fondly of their relationship and time together at the Monroe Institute. Mark describes Bob as an "innovator," with "a lot of laughs."

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Exploring Consciousness

Mark stresses the importance of remaining curious when exploring consciousness. During this podcast, Mark brings the discussion to explore topics such as "what is consciousness?" He explains that when meditating, the goal is not to quiet the mind and eliminate thought, rather to pay attention to your thoughts. He then poses the question: "who is it that's observing the thoughts?" This conversation with Mark touches on multiple aspects of consciousness exploration, ranging form meditation techniques, theories and philosophies, religion, and the fearful sleep paralysis encounters with incubus and succubus. Mark's relaxed nature and openness presents a wisdom that only years of experience can foster. His current project through The Triad Mind has allowed him to work with several truth-seekers searching for better understandings of themselves and the world around them. Mark encourages seekers to remain curious, be open, and go find out for themselves what lies beyond our waking reality.

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