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Technology has had a tremendous impact on human civilization. Looking forward, it’s difficult to deny that tech will continue to infiltrate our lives. It will shape our behavior and become a way of life. Are we prepared for the change?

The CryptoViewing team comprises a team of highly-skilled remote viewers - some of the best in the world. The team explores future targets related to cryptocurrency to give us a snapshot as to where the world may be heading in the near future. The data they are gathering is not only supported by non-remote viewing data, but it is quite scary…

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This week Dennis discusses his joining of the Cryptoviewing team. He also reviews some commentary and projections for the future of Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopolous, a Bitcoin advocate. Dennis explores the difficult questions that arise when facing a major currency change. Is cryptocurrency better for society? If we can’t stop it’s implementation, then wouldn’t it be better to understand and utilize it now before it’s forced on the world? What impact will this have on human behavior? On human consciousness?

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